Jurisdictional Ordination Board

Procedures for the Ordination of Ministers

The mission of the Ordination Board is to serve at the discretion of the Jurisdictional Prelate, for the selection and approval of qualified ministers who embrace the Doctrine of the Church of God in Christ; to be “Ordained” by the Jurisdictional Prelate, for Ministry in the Church of God in Christ, and the world at large, with the Good News of Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers.

The Ordination Board DOES NOT ordain, but rather examines by question and/or exercises as to the fitness or qualifications as set by the discipline of the Church of God in Christ. The major purpose and objective is to select qualified men for ordination, who can help “perfect the saints for the ministry,” and reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If a candidate is to be recommended by their local Pastor, the following prerequisites must be met:

A. Candidate must complete the on-line COGIC Misconduct Training.

B. Candidate must complete the on-line COGIC Background Check.

C. Pastor must request a Ministers License from the Office of the Jurisdictional Secretary. ALL Candidates must be a licensed minister, having served under a local Pastor for a minimum of two (2) years.

D. A letter of recommendation, by the local Pastor, must be received by the Ordination Board.

E. Pending the results of the background check, the candidate for ordination will be issued an official invitation, giving time, place and procedures for the examination.

F. Each pastor will be given the prerequisites and levels of expectation for the candidate for ordination.

G. The ordination candidate will be given an oral and written examination on all predetermined levels of expectations, and may be asked to give demonstration and/or illustrations of certain procedures or ordinances.

H. The candidate who meets all levels of expectation will be recommended to the Jurisdictional Prelate for Ordination.

The study guide for Ordination can be obtained by contacting the Ordination Board Chairman.

Ordination Board Forms

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For More Info:

Pastor Samuel Wilson, Chairman
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