Secretariat Goals

It is possible...

  • 1. Create and maintain a database of members of the Jurisdiction
  • 2. Confirm that all churches in the Jurisdiction have obtain an EIN and are registered with the Secretary of State
  • 3. Assist churches with purchasing a computer or laptop for their church.
  • 4. Assist churches with purchasing Membership and/or Financial Software for their church
  • 5. Assist churches and pastors with setting up and accessing email accounts
  • 6. Offer training on various technologies available to the church
  • 7. Offer training to District, Department, and Local Church Secretaries on various topics
  • 8. Provide opportunities for members to complete training required at the National level
  • 9. Offer ability to pay credential reports, church reports, National Laity, and Church / Pastoral Tithes online