Music Department Welcome

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Welcome to Kentucky First Music Department website. It is an honor that you took the time to pay us a visit. As a department our focus is on Jesus Christ and Kingdom building. Our endeavor is to lift up the name of Jesus not only through song, but through our lifestyle.

Please feel free to visit our webpage as often as possible to catch our frequent updates.

We're Better Together!

Kentucky First Jurisdiction
Music Department

Music Department Goals

  • To fulfill the expectations of the Jurisdictional Bishop, Administrators, and Leaders.
  • To fulfill the expectations of the International Music Department.
  • To structure and organize the Music department in a manner that reflects excellence and improves participation throughout the Jurisdiction.
  • To visit and assist the district and local music ministries across the Jurisdiction.
  • To promote the training and education of all Music Department staff on the local, district, and Jurisdictional level.
  • To encourage participation by the entire Jurisdictional Music Department in all Jurisdictional meetings.
  • To provide capable musicians and directors for all Jurisdictional meetings as needed and/or requested.
  • To financially sustain the Jurisdictional Music Department through fundraisers, events, Choir dues, and District Music Department dues.