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Welcome to the Department of Evangelism of Kentucky First Jurisdiction. The ultimate goal of the Department of Evangelism is to witness and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We stand on the promised Word of God. It is with God's pouring out upon us, that we are able to give our best to others.

Please feel free to visit our webpage regularly, as we will provide vital information and resources for your Local and District Department of Evangelism.

International Department of Evangelism

The International Department of Evangelism of the Church of God in Christ will perpetuate an equipping ministry of excellence to prepare our youth for worldwide ministry. Each and every member of our department will function as concerned, skilled, youth leaders to carry out the vision of this department, and enable our youth to live Godly and fulfilling lives.


What is Evangelism?

The ministry of evangelism is designed primarily to win or revive personal commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ with all persons through the development, promotion, and support of all forms and phases of evangelism through the local community and among the present membership of the church. At the core of its function, evangelism is intended to be the greatest portion of ministry within the church, requiring the greatest number of participants to bring the type of change and impact we hope to see in the lives of those we touch. The objectives of the Evangelism Department are to:

Kentucky First AIM 2020

Kentucky First Jurisdiction
Auxiliaries In Miistry (AIM) Convention 2020
June 17-20, 2020
Moore Temple COGIC, Louisville, KY